Maximize patient outcomes - safely!

Inspire Outcomes™ provides Consulting
and Training, Specializing in Safe Patient
Progressive Mobility™ and Ergonomics.

About Inspire Outcomes™

(Mission statement)

Inspire Outcomes™ LLC was formed with a vision of
reaching therapists around America and the world, to
inspire them to achieve BEST outcomes possible for their
patients, especially those whose size and level of depend-
ency provide a challenge, while keeping themselves safe in
the process.

By matching review of current evidence, extensive clinical
experience working with patients across the continuum of
care and insight into the unique roles of nurses, physical and
occupational therapists, with knowledge of new and emerging
technologies, the goal of Inspire Outcomes™ is to provide care-
givers with clinical solutions that make sense and are consistent
with rehabilitation goals, for the most challenging patients.

2013 APTA Vision Statement: “Transforming society by optimizing
movement to improve the human experience.”

Bottom line, it is all about getting patients better, and back to the highest
level of function we can, for maximal quality of life – Because People Matter!