Consulting Services


  • Safe Patient Handling Program consulting: Experience-
    based advice for developing and sustaining SPHM
    programs, ranging from specific problem resolution to
    system-wide implementation. Interventions are evi-
    dence-based and customized to each client.
  • SPHM Sales team clinical consulting:
    • Specializing in understanding the unique safe
      patient handling and mobility needs of
      Rehabilitation Professionals.
  • Certified Ergonomics Evaluation specialist can assist with:
    • Job site analysis
    • Return to work assistance
    • Proactive Injury Prevention
    • Quantification of physical job functions

Training & Education

Inspire Outcomes™ consultants are passionate about helping people understand
health related topics. Different educational and industry levels require unique edu-
cational approaches, such as explaining a back pain problem to a patient, or differential
diagnosis process to a student, or helping broader audiences increase their awareness
about specific health topics.

Inspire Outcomes™ offers options for your consulting needs.
Webinars and video-conferencing available as well as On-site consulting and training.

About Margaret

Margaret Arnold, PT, CEES, CSPHP
Margaret Arnold
Margaret’s extensive experience as a hands on physical therapist gives her first hand knowledge of the physical difficulties faced by therapists in trying to promote independence in mobility levels for their dependent patients. Her many years as facility champion for safe patient handling, has resulted in >90% reduction of injuries. This experience, coupled with her expertise as a Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional and her passion for teaching, is the foundation behind her ability to teach and explain ergonomic and safe patient handling principles to all audiences. Margaret has presented extensively on a variety of topics in ergonomics, healthcare and rehabilitation, at local, state and national levels, and has published research on patient outcomes using Safe Patient Handling equipment for rehabilitation.
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